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Social Media Comic-Secrets Nov.29

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Twitter Pilot – Student Guidelines

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This term I am going to do a trial of Twitter in the course! No students have to be involved, and no testable information will be discussed on Twitter. However, an ongoing discussion on Twitter will allow me to send you reminders, and we can alert eachother about real-life events and news items related to human resources and recruitment.

Project Name: Twitter Usage for online education (Pilot)

Class:              BMGT 202 – Section 33

Goals: To evaluate the use of Twitter for online education for the purposes of student reminders and alerts on related current events. To get feedback from students on the effectiveness of this tool and usage.

Requirements: Participation is voluntary. No ‘test-able’ material will be covered in the tweets.

Participants must have a twitter account. (see following page on setting up a twitter account)

Procedures: Join “Teachber” (as in Teacherbering) on Twitter

Some of us Twitter newbies will need help figuring out what tweets say. No one needs to use capitals, proper spelling or full punctuation but I am asking that we all follow 2 language rules:

a) When you post a question please type    q    at the end

i.e. whr did u c that sign q

b) Where you would normally put a period please type        p

i.e. i thought it was janefinch when i saw it 1st p I just saw it at blooryonge on friday

Guidelines: Please be professional and remember that if a disagreement occurs between you and another message poster, it can be communicated diplomatically.

Our Blackboard software for the course has a discussion board with an “Instructor Questions” area that is more practical for questions on course content i.e., “Do we choose our own topic for the assignment?” because all students share the benefit of the answer.

Samples:          Sample postings any of us may tweet are:

“HR rel” or “REC rel” at the start of a post

i.e. HR rel Who has experience with funding for Aboriginal post-secondary students q

i.e. REC rel retirement lawsuit at Future Store p human rights case questions store on hiring p

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Twitter Information Site Links

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Main Twitter use site:

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Other Teachers’ Twitter Experience:

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