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Technology’s effect on Young Workers

Don Tapscott, a Canadian author and executive, writes about business strategy. In this video clip he describes how the Internet and other innovations have effected the age group some called Millenials (15-25 yrs old currently).

As with all theorists who analyze age groups I think he has some great points, and some less so. In Canada, the high numbers of this group who volunteer have been “strongly encouraged” by high school requirements, university entrance requirements, and parental influence.  This doesn’t diminish the good works they do, but is worth noting.

The intelligence he notes is true, however we still have high levels of students leaving high school. There are many reasons for the fact that “it has never been more competitive to get into post secondary institutions” including the double cohort year, decreased funding, and the recession.

Tapscott lists some important generalities in this video however his backup points need a little more clarity.

Don Tapscott-video clip

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