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Students say “what makes a good teacher”

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Even though regular surveys are performed by students to assess individual teachers, it is still valuable to consider overall comments. The site is an interesting virtual support group for students who dislike school. Their assessment of teachers must resonate with readers as the corresponding Facebook group currently has over 2000 readers.

The Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Teacher


Handouts Oct. 28

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Handouts-Oct 28 v4

Lower PPT version:

Handouts-Oct 28 v4

Presentation Oct. 28

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Internet Anonymity at Stake ?

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“Officer Bubbles” is a Toronto officer who has become famous or infamous through Youtube clips poking fun at his activities during  the protests against the G20 summit.  In the clip cartoon characters including several fictional and real individuals including Santa Claus and President Obama are in prison, and Officer Bubbles is seen talking to, then assaulting a member of the media.   The officer is now suing You Tube, and the cartoon poster who he says are guilty of defamation.  It will be interesting to see if YouTube is compelled to release the name of the poster, and whether Josephs wins the lawsuit. This may affect the presumed anonymity of the Internet.

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Social Media URLS for Educators

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Social Media Oct. 16 Handout File

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Handout for Oct. 16 session:

Handouts-Oct 16 lower PPT version

Use of guest Twitter accounts for first 10 teachers

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I created 10 Twitter accounts that can be used by the first 10 teachers who request them. They have names like Scarlett, Rhett. etc. so you can try out Twitter without using your own email accounts. Let me know if you would like one by emailing: